Chuan Experience

A Journey to Wellness

The Chuan experience is a journey to wellness. Taking their first step in this journey, guests are presented with a glass of element tea and invited to complete the Five Elements questionnaire upon meeting our expert therapist. The results will determine the best path to rebalancing the five elements and one’s personal Yin and Yang. From there, our therapists will prepare the essential oil your element and tea to help you regain your equilibrium, relax the body and reconnect the mind and spirit.

Before moving to the spa treatment area, guests can luxuriate in a bath, sauna or steam room. This is followed by a massage session set within elemental fragrance and soft music, where  therapists gently perform treatments to knead away the knots, cords and tensions from the body.

Towards the end of the wellness journey, guests can retire to a relaxation room and enjoy post treatment delights, including an element tea and refreshing snacks.