Chuan Spa

Welcome to Chuan Spa. Here you will find an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Chicago. The soothing setting inspires contemplation and introspection as you embark upon a journey designed to balance the mind, body and soul. In Chinese, Chuan means flowing water. As the source of life, water represents the re-birth and re-balancing of our whole being. Your Chuan Spa journey begins once you pass through our Moon Gate. Like entering a secret garden where one feels a spirit of rejuvenation, your wellness journey nurtures, heals and restores. 

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Chuan Spa Experience

A couple of hours is all it takes for our professional spa therapists to help you reawaken your spirit, and perfectly harmonize your body, mind and soul.

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How To Spa

Start your Chuan Spa journey and allow yourself to relax and unwind. This ‘how to spa’ guide will help you make the most out of your stay.

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Enhance your wellbeing with Chuan Spa's signature offers.

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