Sleep Matters by Chuan

Sleep plays a vital role in how we function throughout the day, allowing us to reset our mind, body and spirit for the day ahead. Discover the power of a good night’s sleep with our “Sleep Matters by Chuan” programme, which features exclusive amenities and services, as well as soothing treatments curated by Chuan Spa and bespoke room packages. It’s the perfect way to leave our hotels feeling better than when you arrived.


OUr Sleep Matters Services

Chuan BESPOKE Bath Menu

IDR 588.000++

Fill up the element questionnaire card to get to know your Element!
Price inclusive of your selected element bath follow by element tea after the bath to complete the indulgence.

Available daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Chuan Ear Auricular

IDR 488.000++

Visit Chuan Spa for Ear auricular therapy. The therapeutic magnetic beads will benefit you to improve your body system circulation and promote better sleep. 

Available daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Our Room Package


Unwind in the elegant comfort of Jakarta’s most iconic luxury hotel room in the season of World Sleep Day celebration. Emerge on the Langham Blissful spacious bed; Chuan elemental oils and bath products for a restful soak before bedtime; Sleep Matters turndown kits, including herbal tea, designated ear plugs, and sleep tips card courtesy of World Sleep Society; A bedtime reading magazine, Spotify playlist of specially curated list of favourite tracks, to the Chuan Spa’s Ear Auricular Therapy are also available for the best night’s sleep possible.

Price starts from IDR 4,280,000++

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Our Sleep Matters Activities

Healthier Sleep Magazine

Published by World Sleep Society, Healthier Sleep Magazine brings you expert yet accessible articles about healthy sleep and the sleep disorders that affect millions worldwide. In our bespoke issue, you’ll find actionable tips to ensure you get a healthy sleep while on the go, and learn about the latest advancements in sleep science and medicine. And, with complimentary access to World Sleep Society’s Healthier Sleep Magazine archive, you can discover even more tips on how to improve your sleep quality. Happy reading!

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Sleep Tips

Created by World Sleep Society’s committee of internationally renowned experts in the field of sleep medicine and research, these expert actionable tips will help you to get the best sleep, wherever you are. 

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Find Your Elements

Guided by the Five Elements theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chuan Spa’s “Find Your Elements” questionnaire helps you identify basic disharmonies amongst the five elements, and directs you toward the most appropriate breathing exercises and Chuan Spa signature products.

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Breathing Exercise

Once your element has been identified through Chuan Spa’s “Find Your Elements” questionnaire, you can follow our bespoke breathing techniques, which are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, to calm your breathing, balance your elements and relax your body for a better sleep.

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Music Playlist

The power of music can help soothe a tired mind. Listen to our calming playlist to set the scene for sweet dreams.

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